Matt Waronker, Copywriter
phone: 215-527-6033
Downloadable version here.     


VCU Brandcenter, Master’s Candidate in Copywriting (2015-2017)
Daily experimentation with: writing; caffeine intake; self-esteem. 

Pennsylvania State University, B.A. in English (2006-2010)
I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of papers. Naps were still a thing.  


Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco (2017- )
Jr. Copywriter

McKinney, Durham, Copywriting Intern (2016)
Clients included SEC Network and CarMax. 
I wrote a radio script meant to be recorded by Tim Tebow.
Still waiting on his feedback. 

Duke University Press, Rights & Permissions Specialist (2012-2014)
My job was to explain that stealing is bad unless you call it fair use. 

Columbia University Press, Editorial Intern (2011)
I read the philosophy manuscripts because no one wanted to read the philosophy manuscripts.

Akashic Books, Editorial & Marketing Intern (2011)
They paid me in books. It was great. 


Things I can always do:
Think, talk, write, high-five. 

Things I can sometimes do:
Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro X, parallel park. 

Things I did once: 
Watch someone use Cinema 4D, talk about 3D printers, steal a cowboy hat.
(I gave it back.)