Dungeons & Dragons: Character Origin
Recently (Pre-Stranger Things, post-Freaks and Geeks), I played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time.

I had always been interested in playing. 
But I had never been interested in telling anyone that.
Now I'm almost 30, so who am I trying to impress?

To begin, I created a character and origin story.
My character is a barbarian. 
Cue heavy metal. 

Character update:
Status: Alive
Level: 4
Hit Points*: 41

*Basically, the amount of life you have.
When interacting with things far larger and angrier than yourself, these are important.

Action shots:
But first, D&D 101:

  • Each player has a piece that represents their character.
    Example: Someone chose a pencil sharpener and now it's a wood elf.
  • Each square on the board represents 5ft. Characters have a limit of how many squares they can move per turn.
    Example: Grim can move 30ft per turn. Watch out.
  • There are a lot of dice and some of them have 20 sides.
    Example: All of the dice in the picture (below). Including the ones with 20 sides.     

Sometimes we draw a rectangle and pretend it's a room. 
This particular room had no windows, trap doors, and one too many temperamental barbarians. 

Welcome to the Terrordome.