Finisterre Wetsuits
Cold weather surfing isn’t easy.
Cold weather surfers don't want it to be. 


Tag: Extreme Cold Weather Wetsuits

Art Director: Samantha Jolley

Posters are pretty rad, too.  

Website Freeze-Over
A friendly reminder to other surfers that the water out here is just fine. 
Site traffic is given the option to redirect to the Finisterre website. 

Logo Redesign

The Experience
A lot more than just surfing happens between when you put on your wetsuit and when you take it off.  
Finisterre wants to improve the entire experience—from prepping gear to thawing out after a long session.  


Surf Wax
Freezing water = frozen wax.  
To prevent wax from hardening, cold weather surfing requires the softest wax available.
As a way to remind surfers what this is meant for we shaped it like an iceberg.  

Adventure Pack
Get from land to sea with ease. Even if there's a mountain or two in between. 

From L to R: Waterproof pack, fire starter, waterproof thermal socks, snowshoes, and snow hat with face mask attachment. 


The Wetsuit
Designed, tested, and made for the extreme cold.
By surfers made for the extreme cold. 


Waterproof thermal shirts & whiskey wetsuits.
Warmth inside and out.  

Disclaimer: Hypothermia is a bummer.
Alcohol lowers core body temperature so wait until you get back to that cozy cabin with the roaring fire before you drink.   

Surf Competition

As cold weather surfers, Finisterre takes pride in exploring new waves.
As a company they take pride in making a wetsuit that can withstand them.

Their name, finis terra, literally means “the ends of the earth.”

So, if cold weather surfers are already exploring the unknown, why not have a contest there, too?
Finisterre will provide the coordinates, but it’s up to the surfers to show up.
(If they can handle the trip.) 
Winner gets a great story.

Contest Promo Posters

Grand Prize
Winners share their stories on the Finisterre site.
(And in every bar they go to until they die.)