Finisterre Wetsuits (Student Work)
Cold weather surfing isn’t easy.
Cold weather surfers don't want it to be. 


Tag: Extreme Cold Weather Wetsuits

Posters are pretty rad, too.  

Website Freeze-Over
A friendly reminder to other surfers that the water out here is just fine. 
Site traffic is given the option to redirect to the Finisterre website. 

Surf Wax
Freezing water = frozen wax.  
To prevent wax from hardening, cold weather surfing requires the softest wax available.
As a way to remind surfers what this is meant for we shaped it like an iceberg.  

Surf Competition

As cold weather surfers, Finisterre takes pride in exploring new waves.
As a company they take pride in making a wetsuit that can withstand them.

Their name, finis terra, literally means “the ends of the earth.”

So, if cold weather surfers are already exploring the unknown, why not have a contest there, too?
Finisterre will provide the coordinates, but it’s up to the surfers to show up.
(If they can handle the trip.) 
Winner gets a great story.

Contest Promo Posters


Art Director: Samantha Jolley