Airbnb (Student Work) 
Airbnb wanted to redefine business travel.
But first, they had to redefine business.


Tag: Live while you work. 

Airbnb: Overworked

We’re taught to work.
And then work harder.
And then work overtime.
To work while we sleep. While we eat. While we know that no one else is working.
To love work more than anything in the entire world.

Because work defines us.
And that’s exactly what we want.  

Because “work” is always creating.
It’s keeping our eyes open and it’s always listening.
It’s an office that doesn’t have to be an office,
And a time card that doesn’t have anything to do with a clock.
It’s every scrap of paper and every note we’ve left ourselves.
It’s every idea we couldn’t write down fast enough.
It’s realizing that balance isn’t the goal—pursuing something with all of our heart, is.
We’re taught to work.
But what we should be taught is that work is just another word for living.

Brand Manifesto
Work has changed.
It doesn’t begin at 9 and end at 5 anymore. At least, it doesn’t have to.
It’s worth is no longer judged by a series of boxes, meant to be checked.
Or, by an undefined “balance” meant to be achieved.
Its value, no longer dependent on climbing symbolic ladders.
There aren’t any dues for an office with a window.

Work has changed.
Because you’ve changed.

You’re passionate and eager and somehow, always on.
You’ve rejected the idea that an office has to be an office.
That clocking in requires a clock.
That your time, however you choose to use it, needs to be defined.
Instead, work means thinking and creating. It means being.
It simply means living—all of the time.

Airbnb added business travel to their listings. 
So we added it to the logo, too. 

Office Optional Day
To remind people that great ideas can come from unconventional spaces (read: not an office) Airbnb created a day where offices were optional.
Through print, digital, and OOH advertising, they extended the invite to anyone else willing to take the day on. 

The Team
Art Director: Steph Langan & Majic Phimphitcha
Experience Designer: Katie Cullan
Strategist: Mishaal Abbasi
Creative Brand Manager: Ben Patty